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Coast to Coast Travel

PPL’s Coast to Coast Travel Library
is a new archive of fresh travel images covering Africa, America, Antarctica and the Arctic, Australasia, Britain, Europe and Scandinavia.

The theme is very much coastal, focusing on holiday destinations close to the water. Taking Egypt as an example, we not only have classic pictures of the Nile and Suez Canal, but also attractions like the Pyramids and other ancient monuments, as well as the odd camel!

There are cruise ship destinations from the Caribbean to cities such as Acapulco, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco and Vancouver, as well as remoter spots like Alaska.

Further off the beaten track, we have stunning photography from the North and South Poles and Cape Horn where ice-scapes and wildlife can be seen in isolated splendour.

Images can be purchased for immediate download, or we can send them via email or FTP. Registered users pay for pictures via Paypal at the time of download. Those clients with an account pay for usage only, as per terms agreed.

If you are unable to find quite the right picture on-line, call +44 (0)7768 395719 or email PPL and we will gladly send you a wider selection.